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Call for Papers

Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Computer Science
Coding and Signal Processing
Emerging Technologies and Applications
The Internet of things
Software Engineering and Application
Multimedia and visual software engineering
Database systems
Programming and language
Computer-aided Geometric Design & Simulation
The theory and method to compute the service
Computer Crime Prevention and Detection

Topic 2: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm
Smart Grid
Intelligent Robotics
Computational Intelligence
E-learning/ E-Governance
Cyber Security
Knowledge Management & Ontology
Data Mining
Semantic Web
Intelligent Circuits and Systems
Computational Theories of Learning
adaptive computing
Scientific and Engineering Computing

Topic 3:Network Engineering
Network architecture
Web and internet computing
Grid Computing & Applications
Network Architecture & Protocol, Optical Fiber
Microwave Communication
Wireless Sensor Networks
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Sensor Networks and Social Sensing
Network Modeling and Simulation
Cognitive radio network
Network Protocols
Network and Information Security
Peer-to-Peer Social Networks
Social Network Analysis
Neural networks and Applications
Network architecture
Network security
Computer Architecture
Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network Management
Web engineering

Topic4: Electronic Technology
Software Engineering / Metrics / Testing
Advanced Electromagnetics
Electronics-Medical Electronics
Electrical Vehicles
Electrical Drive
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electric power equipment infrared thermal image temperature measurement

Topic 5: Information Engineering
Information networks
Information and Scientific Visualization
Information indexing & retrieval
Hybrid information technology
Information Management Systems and Services
Information Theory and Coding Theory
Information Technology & Globalization
Geographical Information Systems
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
Information Theory, System, and Technology
Spread Spectrum Communications
Broadband Communication Systems
Wireless Communication
Optimization of Communication Systems
Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems
Signal and Image Processing
Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications

Topic6: Software Processing
Signal Processing
Software Engineering Practice
Quality Management
Managing Software Projects
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
Multimedia and Visual Software Engineering
Languages and Formal Methods
Web-based Education Systems and Learning Applications
Software Engineering Decision Making
Knowledge-based Systems and Formal Methods
Search Engines and Information Retrieval
Software maintenance and testing
Software engineering decision making
Software Maintenance and Testing

Other related topics

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12 September/2018 [Submission Deadline]
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